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Bret and his partner originally came and gave us an estimate for some fairly complicated wiring for lighting in the kitchen and other lighting jobs. They arrived on time and worked for at least 6 hours until the job was complete. The workmanship was excellent and they cleaned up after them selves. They hung three pendant lights over a bar and had to go up into the sheet rock. The patch was done very professionally and we will probably just have to have it painted. They also put lights in two closets, hung a new chandelier and installed a dimmer. We felt that the cost of the project was reasonable and the service was very professional. I would recommend them to any of my picky friends!



Moved and updated the electric box. Merged and raised electrical lines to house. Added outlet to patio.

Excellent, friendly, professional work and showed up for appointments and work on time.

Eliminated indoor fuse box and replaced outdoor circuit breaker box with 200 amp capacity. Created an extended mast to comply with code. Repaired some line underneath the house. Added a whole house surge protector and replaced yard light with state of the art motion detector light. They completed the job very quickly, about 2 days. I was impressed with their truck which had all that was needed to complete the job.

L. Kleinsmidcht


Bret arrived promptly to give me an estimate for several small electrical problems. He and the other electrician (Jim) grounded several outlets, changed the outlet for my dryer to the proper one and installed a dedicated line for my computer. Jim even grounded an extra outlet for me at no charge! Excellent workmanship, Bret was professional, aware of and knowledgable about energy-saving devices, More importantly, he actually uses CFL's in his own home-the man practices what he preaches! I will be using Turner Electric again for an upcoming renovation. I recommend Turner Electric with no reservations.




Bret came out on a Friday and gave me a quote on replacing my entire service panel inside and out.  I had been shopping prices for quite some time and his was right in the ballpark.  He showed up on Monday morning at around 9:00 am and by 1:00 pm the job was complete.  As soon as I got home I popped the door off of the inside panel and was shocked to see what I would have to say was the finest main panel wiring job that I had ever seen.  I had worked with my brother over the years helping him with wiring work and I had never seen a better job than what Bret had done at my house.  Service was great, clean up was great, and especially his attention to detail was fantastic.  I would recommend him anytime to anyone and I will continue to use his services in the future.

Thank Bret,


Dennis P. Wucher